Make a dream come true, give you, your business, customers, employees and friends an experience out of the ordinary. An experience that gives membership to the special club reserved for the people who love the adrenaline being mixed with gasoline. For those who feel the sweat on the forehead and the heart beating in the chest when the start goes and you become one with the unique atmosphere that occurs when the roar of engines is the theme music for an experience that months later gives smile and the special sense of cohesion among you who shared it.



Team Work

With Sleipner you have the opportunity to come to some of the world's greatest Endurance Races. In collaboration with Aston Martin Racing, the doors are open to Le Mans and other international races. Invite customers, partners and potential customers and experience endurance racing from the front row. As an added bonus, you get the opportunity to participate in exclusive events and use Marco Sorensen in connection with corporate events.




As a sponsor, you get the opportunity for spectacular exposure. Since 2013, a wide extent of TV distribution has been organized by the FIA ​​World Endurance Championship and more than 400 million homes have, globally, the opportunity to keep up with the absolute best GT Racing. Both national and international media show great interest in Aston Martin and the Young Driver team, that Marco Sorensen is a part of. With Marco Sorensen and Nicki Thiim in the Aston Martin Racing, number 95, the car has some of the youngest but also the most talented drivers in the world. In 2015, the drivers succeeded in making the car noticed in the very top of the GTE PRO field, the ultimate class for GT cars. Outgoing attitude and good manners characterize the young boys’ class, a mix which the Danish media found particularly interesting at this year's edition of Le Mans, where car drivers were frequently interviewed by both TV and magazines.

Through sponsorship, your company gets the opportunity to being profiled through Marco Sorensen and Aston Martin Racing. Be associated with an international racing talent and one of the world's most stylish car factories. Furthermore, as a sponsor you have the opportunity to gain exposure through TV, Internet, printed media and clothing.




As a natural part of the sponsorship your company becomes part of an exclusive business network with access to events at both the national and international basis. Events which among others include the following:

  • VIP tours to races
  • Trips to the Aston Martin factory
  • Trips to the Koenigsegg factory
  • Exclusive company events
  • Networking Events
  • Charity Events
  • High performance driving training

Through the listed types of products, you get the opportunity to invite customers, employees and business partners to some of the world’s largest motor sport events. Experiences that will contribute to a feeling of community, motivation and commitment. We welcome you in an exclusive environment consisting of exotic race cars, talented drivers and dedicated networks.

Depending on requirements, it is possible to tailor events that suit your company in terms of time, scale and ambition.